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Product Description

Payroll that sales: invest ina standardized global payroll strategy

Designed to support enterprises with up to tens of thousands of employees in 42 countries, ADP GlobalView Payroll helps multinational companies protect their global payroll and HR investment.

Hundreds of organizations with some of the most complex payroll operations you can imagine rely on ADP GlobalView Payroll to deliver compliant payroll in each of their locations, using one single employee system of record across their worldwide operations.
  • One single database for all your employee data
  • Run payroll for 42 countries from one single platform
  • Centralized configuration maintenance, and testing of technology upgrades
  • Secure and stable cloud-based payroll platform with flexible user management options
  • Real-time, 24/7 online access to your employee data from anywhere in the world
  • Available in 24 languages
  • Customized fields that reflect each country’s payroll data requirements

A steady payroll partner, even in unsteady circumstances

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