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Product Description

Ramco Systems is a next-gen enterprise software player with 25+ years of delivering payroll services, producing 2.4 million pay slips every month through its organically grown unified platform, Ramco Global Payroll.

With integrated Core HR, Time & Attendance and Expense modules, Ramco offers a Global Payroll Software that can be deployed on-cloud, on-premise or as a managed services offering.
Ramco Global Payroll is compliant to 50+ countries and lets you:
  • Create organization-specific rules
  • Define your business logic for Earnings, Deductions, Bonus, Arrears, Leave and Attendance
  • Stay compliant to standardized practices across geographical locations
  • Take into consideration variances within individual, local geographies
  • Deal with multi-element, multi-decimal, multi-currency, and multi-country payroll
With Ramco Payroll Software, manage your distributed workforce in an accurate, timely, secure and flexible manner. Give your employees the benefit of a Multi-lingual Employee Self Service (ESS) delivered in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Arabic.
Ramco Global Payroll & HR
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