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Ensuring an employee experience worth repeating


Wipro is a global IT, consulting, and business process service organization based in Bangalore, India. Over 75 years, they’ve grown from a small consultancy that dealt by word of mouth and personal, face-to-face relationships, to a global phenomenon dealing with a diverse range and spread of customers and employees.

Sunita Cherian, chief culture officer and vice president of corporate HR, joined Wipro more than 20 years ago. “I have seen this transformation personally”, she tells us, “from the days of paper and pencil to the today of seamless integration. I joined Wipro at a time when we knew most employees by name.”

This personal touch is close to Wipro’s core values, and it’s something they wanted to maintain. But, as Sunita points out, “our workforce these days is really large and diverse. We’re diverse across genders, across generations, culture, ethnicity, geographies and so on.”

Technology is crucial to keep the operation running smoothly and efficiently. But, when Wipro partnered with ADP, it was a point of pride for Sunita that this personal, people-based focus was maintained.

ADP was brought on board to standardize and improve Wipro’s payroll system. As payroll is vital for the employee experience, it was imperative that they got it right.



The challenge

Wipro had essentially outgrown their old system. They wanted to aid and drive their ongoing transformation by optimizing all HR processes — especially payroll. They strongly believed that the key to effective growth was a good employee experience.

Efficient, transparent, and compassionate HR processes are critical to employee experience. In the old days of Wipro, this could be provided by the ‘personal touch’ — everyone knew each other by name, and concerns could be raised face‐to-face, on a very human level.

“However,” Sunita says, “while a lot of back-end work could be digitalized and automated, we agreed that the one important thing that we would not compromise on was the personal touch.”

ADP’s job was to consolidate and standardize Wipro’s payroll process, without compromising on personalization, something Sunita believes that Wipro and ADP have achieved remarkably well.


Sunita sees huge benefits to employee experience from the implementation of ADP’s technology. “So, for example, when it comes to our onboarding process, no longer does an individual have to sit generating payroll details. It’s done by the bot in the backend. This has made us far more efficient and able to respond consistently at any time of the day or night.”

Standardization of processes has also made a big difference. “It ensures that our services are still personal”, Sunita explains, “so, employees could be sitting anywhere across the globe but they’re still getting the same standard of service, because the backend processes are all tied in well.”

Sunita is confident that, with the help of ADP’s technology, Wipro has become far more efficient. “We’ve definitely become more accurate, and we’ve been more responsive. For example, we see a 98% reduction in payroll issues, 300% productivity improvement for our onboarding, and a 50% efficiency improvement on our background verification.”

Sunita believes that partnering with ADP has enabled Wipro to optimize 4,300 hours of effort per month, with the added benefit of an enhanced employee experience with improved customer satisfaction scores for both employees and alumni.

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